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21 July

Beet Poké Bowl

Beet Poké Bowl

A few years ago, I spent a month in Costa Rica. On this trip, I met Caliche, a surfer and owner of Caliche’s Wishbone, a restaurant where local surfers loved to gather. And it was there that I discovered poké, a Hawaiian style chopped fish “salad,” where cubes of glorious raw tuna or salmon get […]

14 July

Golden Bloom Bowl

Golden Bloom Bowl

If you follow me on my newly-created food Instagram account, you’ll know that I’ve been crushing on kiwis all year, adding them to smoothie and buckwheat bowls for a fresh burst of colour and a little eye drama. So when Zespri sent me a package of its gold kiwis, I was excited to try for […]

6 July

Natural Deodorant Recipe (That Actually Works)

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Natural Deodorant Recipe (That Actually Works)

I’ve always been a user of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants because, to be honest, the chemicals have been the only things that have worked for me. But I’m also a proponent of healthy living, and if there is a healthier way to do something, and if that healthier way actually works, I’m all over it. […]


Michelle, United Kingdom

One of the most meaningful aspects of working with Andrea, is that her work is very much imbedded on concepts of self-compassion. Our session was not only about healthy nutrition and food, it was also about building good self-care habits while maintaining kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

- Michelle, United Kingdom
Kirstienne, Toronto

Working with Andrea has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself and for my family! Andrea has refreshed my relationship with food and continues to teach me new ways of adding nourishment to every bite.

- Kirstienne, Toronto
Anish, San Francisco

I would highly recommend Andrea to any professional out there that is interested in improving their diet and well-being without making drastic changes to their life. I’ve never felt better.

- Anish, San Francisco

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