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Warm Yourself Up With This Breakfast

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Blood Sugar, Breakfast, Recipes, Vegan, Weight Loss | One Comment


Oatmeal made from steel cut oats is one of the coziest things you can eat on a cold winter morning. I love to make it on the weekends when I have a little more time to really enjoy it.

Oats are a super warming and comforting food to incorporate during the winter. And, although they take longer to cook, steel cut and Irish oats are so much better. Here’s why: grains, in their whole state, contain all of the vitamins and minerals required for their digestion and assimilation. When grains are processed, the vitamins, minerals and oils are lost. To add insult to injury, when you eat a processed grain (that is void of vitamins and minerals), your body actually has to deplete its vitamin and mineral stores just to digest it.

Adding the almond milk, nuts and ground flax helps to add more fat, protein and fibre to the mix will stick to your ribs for even longer! Ditto with the cinnamon, as cinnamon has blood sugar balancing properties.

And although this oatmeal is sweet, it’s sweetened with natural sugar (the medjool dates add the sweetness and creaminess… yum).

So, here it is, a tried and true oatmeal recipe that you can enjoy on the weekend, with a paper, the radio, or anything else that you love to do on those slow mornings. It’s sweet, creamy, and just a little reminiscent of those flavoured instant oatmeal packets (remember that brown sugar one?) but without the processed sugar. It’s a whole, real breakfast.

Dreamy Weekend Oatmeal

  1. 1/2 cup steel cut oats, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
  2. 1 1/3 cup water
  3. 2 medjool dates, pitted
  4. 1 tbsp coconut flakes (unsweetened)
  5. 1 tsp each of cinnamon and vanilla essence
  6. 1 small apple, chopped into small pieces
  7. 2 tbsp rolled oats
To serve
  1. 2 tbsp ground flax
  2. A small handful of walnuts, almonds or pecans
  3. A drizzle of nut milk
  4. ½ banana, sliced (optional)
  1. Bring the steel cut oats and water to a boil. Turn down heat to the lowest setting and add the date, coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla essence.
  2. When the oats are almost done cooking, add the chopped apple and stir. Check the consistency – you may need to add more water. Just before serving, stir in the rolled oats. These will give the oatmeal a nice texture.
  3. Pour into a bowl and top with nuts, almond milk, ground flax and more sliced fruit.
  1. If you’re gluten intolerant, be sure to buy certified gluten-free oats.
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  1. health advocation
    February 21, 2013

    Yummy I love my oatmeal!


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