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Why Cleanse This Fall? (Plus a Fall Kale Salad Recipe)

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Fall isn’t the first season that comes to mind when we’re thinking of starting a cleanse, but it’s actually one of the best times to start. Cleansing is so important to revving our metabolisms, boosting our immune systems, nurturing ourselves and living a healthy delicious life. Here are the reasons why, plus a recipe for a superfood kale salad that is Healthy Delicious cleanse-friendly and will help you lighten things up:

1. Your system feels “overloaded” from the fun summer you had. 

So you had a really great summer. You had a blast with your friends, you sat on some fun new patios, ate all that the city had to offer, and indulged in some really cool cocktails. But all this fun has left your system a little wonky. You’re a little bloated when you normally aren’t. You’re finding it hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and feel that your energy is a little low. You have a kind of residual fullness all the time, yet have cravings for heavy foods (what the hell?).

WHY CLEANSE? Imagine your detox system as a funnel. Your fun nights out with boozy drinks and rich food go in the top (among other things, like environmental toxins, prescription drugs, additives and pesticides in food, etc.), but the exit pathway at the bottom is far more narrow. So the more you put in the top, the bigger the backup gets. This backup means that your liver (your body’s master detox and metabolic organ) gets sluggish, and so does your metabolism. Give your liver and metabolism a boost, will ya?

2. You’ve been smacked down by a cold (or two) since September.

You’re kind of living in fear of catching another virus. You’re feeling guilty because of the sick days you’ve already clocked and worry that your boss doesn’t believe you when you say you’re sick… again. Plus, being sick is getting in the way of seeing your friends.

WHY CLEANSE? Your immune system is probably not functioning at its best. Many of the foods we love and crave (such as coffee and especially sugar) actually suppress our immune system. When we take a break from these foods, and other typical allergens, we give our immune system a chance to recover. Get your immune system running well so you can enjoy the holiday season parties.

3. You’re feeling a little more quiet and contemplative.

Yeah you had a great summer, but now you’re feeling your energy pulling you inward. This is a natural thing to go through in the fall. Summer is celebratory, busy and energetic, while fall is a time to slow down. You totally agree with this statement because you’ve got a busy social life and yet you are fantasizing about crushing season after season of series on Netflix.

WHY CLEANSE? So up in Canada we actually have four different and intense seasons. To say that we’re not affected by them would be untrue. Elson Haas says, “The seasonal changes are the key stress times in nature and the times when we most need to lighten up our demands and consumption and turn more within to listen to our inner world, which mirrors the natural cycles.”

It’s time to cleanse. I’ll be offering my fall cleanse in early November. This is a great two-week cleanse, where you’ll be eating real food, and focusing on building your immune system, resetting your metabolism and taking some much needed self care in preparation for winter. More details are available here. If you’re in Toronto and want to join, email me at andrea {at} healthydelicious {dot} ca


Superfood Dinner: Fall Superfood Salad

1 large bunch organic curly kale (use 2 if they are small)
½ lemon, juiced
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
½ – 1 tsp Celtic sea salt
1 carrot, grated
any other market veggies, chopped
small handful currants and goji berries
sunflower and sesame seeds

Tahini Sauce, doubled (or even tripled)

Wash the kale and de-stem. Tear the leaves into bite-sized pieces and put in a bowl. Add the juice of around ½ a lemon, ½ tsp of Celtic sea salt and one tablespoon or so of extra virgin olive oil (this will depend on the amount of kale that you have). Roll up your sleeves and MASSAGE THAT KALE. By massaging each leaf, you’ll be making your eventual salad easier to eat and digest. Hello silky kale salad!

Pile all other ingredients into a bowl and top with tahini sauce. Tip: this salad gets better after it’s been sitting for awhile. This salad is delicious paired with some roasted squash (mine was an acorn squash). Top it with some tahini sauce too, and bask in the feeling of self-care.

Oh, and as of Monday, I’m off on vacay! I’m so excited to be heading out to San Francisco, LA and everywhere in between. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see some fun pics of my trip! @andreasarjeant

Wishing you a healthy immune system, revved metabolism and plenty of self love. xo Andrea


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