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Healthy Homemade Gift: Rum Raisin Balls

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014 in Holidays, Recipes | No Comments

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It’s #healthyhomemadeholiday week and each day this week, I’m posting a healthy and homemade gift.

This December, for some reason, I decided to look up how to make rum balls and realized that they’re actually super easy to make. Rum balls remind me of spending weekends as a kid at my dad’s house in King City. Every Saturday morning we would go to rent movies and buy rum balls for dessert. What a strange thing for a child to like, right? But that’s not the point. The point is that this strange childhood memory has helped to spark this healthified rum ball.

Rum balls are traditionally made with almond flour, how o.g. health freak is that?! Anyhoo, I tweaked a recipe I found by using some leftover rum from a friend’s ugly sweater party, replacing the icing sugar with dried fruit, and this concoction was born. Store these guys in your freezer and pop some out for a little hostess gift or impromptu sweet treat.

Rum Raisin Balls

1 cup raisins (or a mix of raisins and pitted, roughly chopped medjool dates)
1 cup almonds
2 tbsp raw cacao powder
1/3 cup dark rum
½ tsp vanilla powder (or 1 tsp vanilla essence)
½ cup sprinkles or dried coconut (I used coloured)

Put the raisins (and dates, if using) in a saucepan with the rum and heat over low until the raisins absorb most of the liquid.

Meanwhile, pulse the almonds in a food processor or high powered blender until they become powdery and floury.

Add all ingredients but the sprinkles and pulse to combine. The mixture should start to look like a ball of rummy dough.

Transfer to a bowl and roll out 1 tsp sized balls. Roll into sprinkles and set aside. These balls taste particularly delicious out of the freezer.

Makes around 30 balls.

Recipe adapted from Canadian Living’s ‘Really Good Rum Balls.’

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