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Magic Dressing

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Eating for Beauty, Plant-Based, Raw Food, Vegan | No Comments

Magic Dressing

What’s probiotic-rich, super creamy, and made with zero dairy, soy, coconut, or tree nuts? Something that’s almost as exciting as the arrival of salad season?

Magic Dressing.

You can use it as a creamy, ranch-style salad dressing, use it as your new favourite veggie dip, or add a little diced cucumber and turn it into a tzatziki of sorts. So many options that come from humble pickle juice and sunflower seeds.

Pickle juice is magical, and no one is talking about it. It’s the typically neglected part of the jar of pickles. The stuff that we use when we don’t have any olive juice to make a dirty martini.

But if you are buying the right pickles, your pickle juice is a potent, probiotic filled liquid that can perk up your favourite dressings. The right pickles are those that are made without vinegar – Bubbi’s are the best! As are Toronto-based Alchemy Pickle Company. Probiotic foods help to populate our guts with “friendly” bacteria. Bacteria that helps us to absorb more nutrients, give us healthy immune systems and keep us in good moods!

Sunflower seeds are also magical.

They’re a good source of skin- and heart-loving Vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidant selenium. Plus plant-powered protein. Sprouting the sunflower seeds unlocks their nutrients.

Magic Dressing

  1. 1 part sunflower seeds, soaked overnight
  2. 1 part pickle juice
  3. Black pepper
Optional additions
  1. Fresh dill
  2. Tiny-diced cucumber and/or pickles
  1. Drain and rinse the sunflower seeds and combine with the pickle juice in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Add black pepper and optional additions and stir to combine.
  1. healthydelicious.ca
Healthy Delicious Toronto Nutrition http://healthydelicious.ca/v2/

Serve on a green salad, use as a dip for your crudités, or make a fun Greek wrap with a grilled something or other.

Here’s to magic, alchemical dressings. xo Andrea


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