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Try This Conscious Detox

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Cleansing, Inspiration, Spring | No Comments
conscious detox

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Spring is finally (almost) here. The time of year when we have more energy from the longer hours of sun, and may feel an urge to clean, purge or transform. This is the most popular time of year to try a detox to shake off any winter sluggishness. But what if you don’t want to go the traditional route of giving up coffee and eating mostly vegetables? That’s cool. I don’t either (at least not this year).

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my good friend Melody, about how detox season is fast approaching, but how neither of us wanted to embark on a detox regime. So we decided to choose a few things to focus on for the month of April.

For me, that means going out less, going to bed earlier, and spending more time on mindful movement in order to keep my back happy.

Conscious Detox with Us

I urge you to try this conscious detox with us. On this “detox,” there are no rules. You can make it whatever you want. Don’t want to give up coffee? Cool. Spend less time looking at your phone? Awesome. Spend more time outside? That’s great too. Drink more water? Great. Want to eat more leafy greens? Yassss.

Feel free to pick and choose what you want to detox or try this month. Because I’m sure that there’s something new that you want to try or something old that you may want to try to live without. Because our health and happiness isn’t measured by just the food that we eat. It’s the thoughts we think, the way we move our bodies, our relationships, the communities we are a part of, the spaces we live in, and having all of these things fit together.

How to Conscious Detox

  1. Think about your how you feel in your body, the food you eat, how you move your body, your mind, your home, your spirit, your community.
  2. Choose three things that you’d like to work on and go for it.
  3. Be sure to document your journey this month with the hashtag #HealthyDeliciousCleanse


Happy conscious detoxing, if it suits you. xo Andrea

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