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Introducing DOSE Juice & Special Offer

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Juicing | No Comments

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I’m a cold-pressed juice fiend. As someone who owns a juicer, I often forgo doing it myself for the convenience of a bottle of the liquid heaven. I love having a green juice first thing in the morning, before a workout, after a workout, walking through the park with friends, or mixed into a cocktail. Anytime, really.

So when DOSE Juice invited me to a juice and yoga event at YYoga, I was in. Yoga and cold-pressed juice and yoga are a match made in heaven. So after this event, when I was all hyped up on juice and good vibes, I had juice on the brain. I wanted to educate you guys on the benefits of juice, and how to buy (or make) the healthiest juices. Because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of not so good juice out there. Finally, if you want to try out DOSE Juice, there’s a special offer at the bottom of this post.

DOSE is Quebec-born, cold-pressed, organic juice company. Offering juice delivery and juice cleanses, DOSE juices are now available in Ontario (yay!). DOSE’s bottling process is unique – the way in which they mechanically seal the bottles allows the juice to stay fresh for longer. What this means for you is that it is possible to have lots of DOSE Juice shipped to you, and line up your bottles in your fridge as Beyonce or Gwyneth would have theirs.

Benefits of cold-pressed juice

These days, many people are crazy for juice cleanses, but a juice cleanse is not necessary to reap the benefits of cold-pressed juice. Drinking cold-pressed juice is one of the best ways to hydrate. With cold-pressed juice, you’re drinking the essence of the fruits and vegetables that are in the juice, including their super hydrating electrolytes. Cold-pressed juice is an easy-to-digest vitamin and mineral supplement that, for many busy people, can help to cover their nutritional bases. (Not that I recommend drinking a green juice to counteract a greasy burger, but for the majority of people, a juice can come in handy when a healthy meal isn’t possible.)

What to look for in juice

Whether you’re making or buying juice, there are a few things to look for to ensure optimum health.

  • Organic is the way to go. Juicing concentrates nutrients, and also concentrates pesticides, so make sure that the produce that the juice starts from is as clean as it can be.
  • Cold-pressed juice is the way to go, but what does cold-pressed mean? Many conventional juicers extract juice at high speeds, which can denature the nutrients in the juice. If you’re buying juice, look for cold-pressed, which means that the juice has not been heated, heat pasteurized, or chemically-treated. Some estimates say that cold-pressed has five times the nutrients of juice extracted from other types of juicers. DOSE uses the coveted Norwalk juicer to extract its fruit and vegetable manna. (If you’re looking to buy a juicer for home, opt for a press or ‘slow’ juicer, rather than a centrifugal juicer, for the cold-pressed treatment. You could also buy a Norwalk juicer for yourself, but it’s super spendy.)
  • A balance of fruits and vegetables is best. Sure, straight up fruit juices are delicious, but they can be high in sugar. The ideal juice is made mostly from vegetables and only uses small amounts of fruit for a touch of sweetness.

Special offer

DOSE has generously offered you guys a $10 credit for your first order of juice. Simply visit this link to claim your credit! (Offer is only valid for residents of Ontario and Quebec.)

Wishing you buckets of cold-pressed, organic juice. xo Andrea

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