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22 June

Garden love: Tarragon is herbalicious

Earlier this week, my stepmother gave me a huge bag of fresh tarragon, oregano and mint from her garden. What to do with all of this herbalicious booty? Well, for starters, I made a delicious tarragon vinaigrette. And then I made a yummy salad. Anyhoo, for those of you who are relatively unfamiliar with tarragon, […]

15 June

Farmers’ market love… sea asparagus

Samphire, or, as I know it: sea asparagus is rockin’ at farmers’ markets in Toronto right now. So what is it? It was once known as poor man’s asparagus, but sea asparagus isn’t related to the asparagus that we know.  However, they do kind of look alike. Sea asparagus is like a mini, knotted version […]