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Although some health enthusiasts would disagree, cleansing rituals have been practiced for centuries. In Ayurveda, it’s recommended that we cleanse each season, in order to recharge the immune and other body systems. Many of us tend to think of cleansing as starving. But in my world, cleansing doesn’t have to feel like a fight, or like you’re taking something away. I think of cleansing as a time to reset physically, mentally and spiritually, in other words, on a deep level. While some people love the intensity of a juice fast, others feel better eating whole foods. Whatever your reasons and inclinations, there is a cleanse for you.

Juice Cleanse with Cedar Juice (10% discount)

The amazing yoga teacher and human Joshua Lewis and I have partnered with Cedar Juice, a Toronto-based organic and cold pressed juice company. Cedar makes all their juices in the Junction. The juices are delicious and always organic, cold-pressed to keep nutrients and enzymes alive, and never pasteurized.

We had such positive feedback from our group of juice cleansers this past April that we wanted to offer you another cleanse. Annnnd… we’ve made it even easier and better this time around:

  • 10% discount on your Cedar juice cleanse.
  • Open to anyone across Canada (shipping is free across Canada).
  • Dates are flexible. You can choose a date that works for you, discount and all.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • 20% off Thai yoga massage with Robin Lamarr (Toronto only).

How to sign up:

  • Go to http://cedarjuice.com/cart
  • Select whichever juice cleanse you’d like (this time around, the offer is valid for both the 3-day or the 5-day cleanse options!)
  • Select your desired delivery date
  • Enter promocode GoodbyeSummerCleanse
  • Email me to let me know you’ve signed up (andrea at healthydelicious dot ca)

Add Some Thai Yoga Massage

If you are in Toronto, the incredible yoga/pilates/Thai yoga massage powerhouse Robin Lamarr has graciously offered a 20% discount on her services. Learn more about Robin here: http://www.royola.ca/massage/ (and let her touch you!)

Juice cleansing is a great way to reset your body. Many people who regularly do Healthy Delicious cleanses find that a juice cleanse is a great next step. And starting a juice cleanse at the end of summer is kind of like the perfect time. Your body is still warm from the summer sun and it’s typically a time when you want to jumpstart a new routine. If you’d like to learn more about juice cleansing, read this post.

Real Food Cleanse – $150

Less intense than a juice cleanse, a real food cleanse is a crash course in healthy eating that helps to cleanse your insides, teaches you a ton about healthy eating, and sends you away feeling better than you did before. (Your pants may fit better, too.)

Program includes:

  • Initial 15-minute phone conversation to help tailor the cleanse to you (for new cleansers only)
  • Get started guide to help you prepare to detox and set yourself up for success
  • Detox booklet with 30 pages of detox, lifestyle and eating tips
  • All meal plans and delicious, seasonal recipes
  • Daily support from me to keep you motivated and on-track
  • Tips for reintroducing foods and living a balanced life post-detox


  • Have more energy than you had before
  • Eliminate cravings and find your real appetite
  • Improve digestion and bowel function
  • Sleep well and wake up feeling well-rested and energized

What People Are Saying

“Holy shit! Just got into a pair of very tight jeans… Thank goodness for this cleanse!” –Laura, Toronto

“I got really present to how taking care of myself is such a tremendous and valuable act of self love. I continue to live by the cleanse on the most part and feel really good. I cannot recommend it enough!” –Gena, Vancouver

“Work with Andrea! Do it! I was scared too and I am so glad I took the leap. Cleansing with her recently took my love of cooking and nourishing my body to a whole new level. I am off coffee and all over breakfast smoothies. Sipping tea and smiling more. I am so much calmer and more focused in the mornings. And many of the Healthy Delicious recipes I learned are now staples in my home. Thanks for sharing your guidance Andrea!” -Rachel, Toronto

“The Healthy Delicious cleanse set me up for long term. The meals are delicious and nourishing which inspires you to always make them for yourself well past the cleanse. Andrea teaches you that with some preparation and thoughtfulness everything you put in your body can be healthy AND delicious.” –Anne, Toronto

“This is the second cleanse I’ve done now with Andrea and I am a better me because of them. Not only do I feel like I’ve learned a ton about food and the effects it can have on me, I feel like I learned a lot about myself in the process. The cleanse helped me kick my sugar cravings (sunflower butter now tastes sweet and delicious), obliterate coffee habit, and lose my dairy stupor. I have slowly developed a healthier relationship with food. Food and the preparation that goes into it is a way that I can show love to myself and my body. It’s about taking time to thoughtfully put a meal together and consciously enjoy each bite. It’s about nourishment on a cellular and emotional level. These cleanses have helped me see this and practice it. Andrea has been an amazingly supportive coach throughout the process. I wouldn’t have wanted to kick my bad habits with anyone else.” –Michelle, Toronto

“Andrea’ s incredible knowledge and expertise, not to mention her intuitive and loving guidance (and kick-ass recipes) have completely changed how I view ‘cleanses’.  I used to cleanse when I was feeling really bad about myself and the choices I was making around food.  This mindset left me feeling  alone and insecure – as if I was continually having to start again at square one. I knew that I would reap many benefits from cleansing, but honestly my main motivation in doing so would be to lose weight.  This was an unhealthy cycle and eventually I just gave up cleansing altogether. Through two sessions of Andrea’s holistic and whole food cleanses, I have learned that a cleanse can be about taking the time to nurture myself physically, mentally and emotionally.  A cleanse can be about nourishment and support – about adding to my life, not just taking away from it.   The cleanse allows me to reconnect with food and cooking in a way that I love.  It reminds me that I can give myself permission to slow down and savour very simple things that fill me up in a big way. I cannot recommend Andrea’s cleanse enough.  She truly cares about each participant and supporting their individual experience.  Her wealth of knowledge comes from her own lived experience – she walks the walk and is participating with you each step of the way. Go for it. You deserve it.” –Josh, Toronto

Email andrea@healthydelicious.ca to sign up!

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