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Michelle, United Kingdom

Andrea’s disposition is very compassionate, professional and non-judgemental. I felt very comfortable working with her on my health goals.

Andrea was able to provide me with guidelines that I could apply on a daily basis. I appreciated that she gave me a framework to think about when doing my meal planning, rather than telling me what to do. She definitely works from an empowerment-based model, and I appreciated that.

Prior to my session, Andrea took the time to review the information from my previous appointments with other alternative health care practitioners. She customized and tailored our session, so that she was building on and complementing the advice that previous health practitioners had provided for me.

One of the most meaningful aspects of working with Andrea, is that her work is very much imbedded on concepts of self-compassion. Our session was not only about healthy nutrition and food, it was also about building good self-care habits while maintaining kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

I walked away from our session with some very practical guidelines and great motivation to continue on my path to optimal health and wellbeing. Thank you Andrea!!

- Michelle, United Kingdom
Kirstienne, Toronto

Working with Andrea has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself and for my family! I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea pre-pregnancy and post-partum, through a seasonal cleanse and through one-on-one consultations. She has taught me how to adjust my eating habits to nourish my body as my lifestyle and needs have changed. Through that, Andrea has refreshed my relationship with food and continues to teach me new ways of adding nourishment to every bite. Andrea’s programs and exceptional support and guidance have made me more aware of myself and how my habits (good and bad) affect me everyday. I am forever grateful to Andrea for teaching me new ways of adding nourishment and balance, not just to my life, but for my husband and daughter as well!

- Kirstienne, Toronto
Anish, San Francisco

“We’re all super busy, and my life is no exception. As an investor in early stage technology startup companies the nature, scope, and urgency of my work is highly variable. I’m often eating what I can, when I can, and the demands of my work and social life don’t leave a lot of room for drastic change. I’ve had fantastic results in my work with Andrea despite the many constraints that my lifestyle imposes. Under her guidance I’ve seen my productivity, focus, energy level, and weight improve drastically over the last few months. What I’ve enjoyed most about the plan is that it’s evolutionary not revolutionary — small tweaks to my diet, switching from one food to another, and tiny tactics have resulted in a seemingly disproportionate outcome! Andrea’s approach is non-judgmental, low stress, sustainable and has really opened my eyes to how healthy eating can be seamlessly incorporated into our seemingly insane lives. I would *highly* recommend her to any professional out there that is interested in improving their diet and well-being without making drastic changes to their life. I’ve never felt better.”

- Anish, San Francisco
Rachel, Toronto

Work with Andrea! Do it! I was scared too and I am so glad I took the leap. Cleansing with her recently took my love of cooking and nourishing my body to a whole new level. I am off coffee and all over breakfast smoothies. Sipping tea and smiling more. I am so much calmer and more focused in the mornings. And many of the Healthy Delicious recipes I learned are now staples in my home. Thanks for sharing your guidance Andrea!

- Rachel, Toronto
Catherine, Toronto

Having a guideline to follow instead if the dreaded four letter word “diet” made it that much easier for me to correct my bad eating habits. Andrea really helped me decide how to make better choices tailored to me and what I enjoy eating. By introducing me to new food ideas, and encouraging me to think about food in a positive way, she truly helped me start my journey on the right path to wellness. I am down 2 dress sizes but more importantly I am enjoying food and NOT feeling guilty about it.

- Catherine, Toronto
Kathryn F., Toronto

When I first went to see Andrea I was impressed by her professionalism. The environment she creates during the initial visit is reassuring and non-judgmental. I felt very comfortable telling her about my current habits and my personal goals for health. The dietary plan Andrea provided me with was tailored to my lifestyle. It was clear that she really took the extra time to come up with recommendations that fit my schedule and goals. Since the initial recommendations Andrea has followed up with me and made further suggestions. She has been attentive in her follow-up and available whenever I needed some further guidance. I have been thrilled with the results of her recommendations! I have more energy throughout the day and her recipes have made it easy for me to maintain a healthful diet even when I am extremely busy. The recipes now constitute some of my favourite go to meals. The delicious meal options alone would make a visit worthwhile! Thanks Andrea!

- Kathryn F., Toronto
Stephanie, Montreal

Andrea gave me great and very personalized advice! She revolutionized the way I think about the food I choose for myself and cook for others. I am very lucky to live in Montreal where eating really well is easy and inexpensive. I have been subscribing to a weekly veggie box from local farmers and supplementing with meat and dairy from local producers. I enjoy the coffee and the insane selection of baked goods in Montreal. I also enjoy cooking at home and being creative with food. Andrea is very encouraging and highly knowledgeable about things I actually need to worry about so I can forget the rest of the advice that bombards us in the media and all over the internet.

- Stephanie, Montreal